Maza | Week 2 Highlights

Here's what happened on week 2 of #MAZA.

04 May 2018

If you missed the previous episodes of Maza, theres alot of interesting developments that happened.

Imagine sleeping at night and in the middle of the night you hear some noise in the house.

You decide to investigate. You figure out that the noise is coming from the kitchen.

You stealthy tip-toe there and you see the fridge open. You walk towards the door you find an old man helping himself to some food!

1525793169 34 mzeekombo

That's how Mzee Kombo made his debut on MAZA and he was found by none other than Hannah -  the shock on her face says it all!

1525793209 34 hannah

In the meantime, Faza paid Zari a visit. Click to watch the video.

Here's what some of the fans commented about the show:

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1525791863 34 screen shot 2018 05 08 at 17.00.34

For more drama, catch Maza every Monday to Friday at 7:30pm on DSTV channel 158 and GOtv channel 4.