About the movie

Two brothers Jothan and Prince have a father that is very sick in hospital. Prince wants his brother Jothan dead so that he can take over his fathers company as the C.E.O. He sets up a plan to have Jothan killed but his plan is messed up when a lady hired to assassinate Jothan is switched with Betsy. Betsy’s mother was kidnapped and she was willing to do anything for the ransom demanded by the kidnappers. She takes it upon herself to assassinate Jothan. Betsy is caught and forced to confess her reasons for taking up the deadly job. Drama unfolds as the real assassin comes in to finish her job and shoots Jothan and his father. Jotham’s dad helps Betsy reunite with her mother as the two brothers settle their differences.


Starring: Ojiambo Ainea, Ian Isaboke, Allan Oyugi, Jackline Kaboi, and John Onyango.

Duration: 1:05 Minutes

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