Nzioka and Mercys office romance on OPWKE

mercy weds saul_1792

Saul Nzioka and Mercy:
Have you ever heard it said in those corporate corridors “An office romance ALWAYS ends up a disaster”? One’s level of professionalism is judged with sckepticism if they are romantically involved with a colleague. Yet, there are many successful relationships and marriages that began at the work place! How true is this statement? This week, we take a walk down memory lane with Nzioka and Mercy as they share their romantic story of love!
















Mercy noticed when she started her new job that her boss Saul paid a bit more attention to her than he did other new recruits. Soon the two fell in love and Saul’s mom told him that he would do well to marry Mercy. Saul tried to arrange the perfect engagement but things didn’t go right; now they’re trying to put together the perfect wedding. Every story on #OPWKe is beautiful in its unique authenticity. Do not miss OUR PERFECT WEDDING every Thursday at 8pm only on Maisha Magic East!

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