Video | January 30th, 2017

Hullabaloo Finale!

. On this last episode of Hullabaloo Estate, Senior has a confrontation with Olexanda, and is suspended from work. Catch the show at 8pm this Monday on Maisha Magic East!


Hullabaloo: A dream

. Naybuto dreams that he is the neighbourhood don, and owns everything in the estate. He gets extremely disappointed when he wakes up and reality hits him.

Featured | January 25th, 2017


Hullabaloo: A visit

. Ondiek’s cousin visits him, but Ondiek wants nothing to do with him. He then switches roles with Makokha and pretends that he is the houseboy.

Billboard | January 24th, 2017


Hullabaloo: A suit

. Senior lies to Naybuto and Makokha that he’s got a job interview which he needs a suit for. The guys go through hell to find a suit for him.

Billboard | January 23rd, 2017


Makhoha in debt!

. Makhoha is stranded after his water is disconnected whilst taking a bath! He is deep in debt! Catch the hilarious shenanigans on #HullabalooEstate only on #MMEast! 

Featured | January 22nd, 2017


Hullabaloo Estate: Rescue team

. Kokoto receives a phone call from Makokha about a life-threatening situation. He gathers all the estate guys to form a rescue team. Catch the show at 8pm this Tuesday, on Maisha Magic East!

Billboard | January 17th, 2017


Hullabaloo Estate: In trouble

. The owner of the drugs finally appears to collect his stuff. Nyabuto and company find a way of delivering him to the cops. Watch Hullabaloo this Monday at 8pm, on Maisha Magic East!

Billboard | January 16th, 2017


Contraband Unga on Hullabaloo Estate!

. Nyabuto comes from upcountry and discovers that there was a mix up in the bus which made him come home with the wrong bag. He discovers that the bag he has, has drugs inside. In an attempt to hide it, something goes very wrong!

Billboard | January 11th, 2017



. A hungry Makokha frantically looking for food. Finding nothing, he decides to sneak into Senior’s house and steals some food. Little does he know that the food was poisoned in order to trap mice. Hilarious situations on Hullabaloo Estate every mon-weds at 9pm on DStv 158 and GOtv 4

Homepage | December 21st, 2016



. Makokha and his wife live in abject poverty. Mrs. Makokha decides to start washing people’s clothes in the Estate. Makokha sees an opportunity to make an extra buck using those clothes.

Hullabaloo Estate | December 20th, 2016

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