Coming up Next on Almasi Season 6!

Baraka wants Amina to marry MJ so that they get Sofia’s money, but Amina is not willing to be a part of this because she loves Abbas. Coming up next on Almasi Season 6!

Billboard | August 31st, 2015


Next On Nyumba 10!

Kama gets a Camera Man to take pictures of himself to send back home and show off to his family. With two homes (photo venues)at his disposal, as well as Alvin’s Wardrobe to get his glamour on, He is spoilt for choice. See what happens Next on Nyumba 10!

Billboard | August 31st, 2015

utandu maisha magic east

This week on Utandu!

Someone needs to tell Stoney the truth about Hannas. He doesn’t understand why she is all over his life and is so willing to help his business. Even his owner father, Beka, seems to be hiding the truth from him. See it all This week on Utandu!

Billboard | August 31st, 2015

side by side

This week on Side by Side! Episode 66

Isabel requests Ze Maria to go to the premiere of the show, he agrees to go. Carlota told Alice that she will go to the house of an aunt who lives on a farm. Catherine develops a plan for Fernando to steal money at the factory. Reed steals Isabel’s tickets to remit to Berenice. Theodore and Sandra are in the street and talk about poetry.See it all tonight, This week on Side by Side! Episode 66

Billboard | August 31st, 2015


Rhumba Yatesa!

Ungana nasi kila Ijumaa tukisheki legi katika kipindi chako cha muziki wa kipekee, Rhumba Yatesa!

Billboard | August 27th, 2015


This week on Inside Bongowood

Go into the heart of Bongo movie production and meet the actors and actresses involved! Every Thursday at 16:30 pm only on Maisha Magic East!

Billboard | August 27th, 2015


Tujuane Plus Season 3 Ends with a Bang!

I honestly cannot get over the twists and turns this season of Tujuane Plus! This week it is double heated! A TOTAL mismatch shows the ugly side of dating and a super optimistic lady misses all shots fired! Do not miss it this evening on Tujuane Plus!

Billboard | August 26th, 2015

This week on One In A Million

This week on One in a Million

Tempers flare, and others decide to get professional help! Watch all the action unfold this week on One In a Million, Wednesday nights at 19:30.

Billboard | August 25th, 2015


Charles Kiarie on his role in Nyumba 10

Popular comedy actor Charles Kiarie is back on our screens as Alvin on the new hilarious Maisha Magic East comedy Nyumba Ten. The bubbly thespian says that he is very similar to Alvin in the sense that he doesn’t like drama but is able to suffer in silence. With all the diverse and interesting characters […]

News | August 25th, 2015


Yajayo wiki hii katika Kijakazi

idel akizirai, Lena anamkimbisha hospitali. Anamweleza Brigit yaliyoendelea huku Stella, Babu na Chatu wakipelekwa moja kwa moja hadi kituo cha polisi kupeana ushuhuda kuhusu yaliyotendeka kwa ploti yao. Wasiliana nasi kila Alhamisi saa 19:00.

Billboard | August 25th, 2015

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