A few signs you are becoming a Bridezilla! #OPWKE

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The rigors of planning a wedding can wear out even the most calm and controlled bride-to-be. We all bulk under the pressure of expectations, society’s opinions and economic reality.

Many times, without realising it, we lash out at those around us! Yes, the fire-breathing dragon deep inside rears is flaming head and dealing with a bridezilla can be a scorching experience!

So here are a few indicators that you could be one of our beloved fire-breathing brides!

  1. Your mother calls your fiance to ask woman-specific questions like when she will pick her dress instead of calling you.

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2. Your service providers prefer to discuss things with you via email…or whatsapp rather than face to face or over a phone call.



3. A thick green vein has suddenly appeared on your forehead. Especially when the Florist says she cannot find the peach Hydrangeas you requested.



4. None of your girlfriends is ever available for some Cold Stone IceCream therapy and one of your bridesmaids has recently shaved her head – BALD

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Ladies, this is just a reminder to all you beautiful brides-to-be, there is a silver lining in every challenge you face and most of the time, the little imperfections usually become the hidden blessing during your big day. Remember to breathe and relax!

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